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 emergency electrical services In Phaze Electric Inc. offers 24/7 around the clock emergency electrical service and repair. We rotate managers each week who are available when you need us. We respond to all emergency calls within an hour and with an estimated time of arrival. When a homeowner or business loses all or part of their electrical power we consider that an emergency. There can however be almost any case that could be considered an emergency. Call us if you need us.



There are some things to note and or question before calling In Phaze Electric or any other electrical service contractor out on an emergency to your home or place of business.

  • Is this a real emergency?
  • Is there a fire?
  • Have you lost all or part of your electrical power throughout your home or office?
  • Is everyone safe?

If you smell smoke or see a fire you must immediately call 911. Firefighters will arrive and determine or make safe your home or place of business and if considered an unsafe threat they will disconnect your power. This is when you will need to call In Phaze Electric, Inc.

In the event that you have lost all or part of your electrical power and do not smell smoke or see a fire there are a few steps you can take before calling us out.

  • Call a neighbor to ask if their power is affected
  • Look at your electrical service wire coming from the street pole to see if it is damaged or in many cases, rubbing up against a tree limb. This can cause the electrical power in your home or place of business to fluctuate.
  • Verify that all breakers are on and not tripped.
  • If one is found tripped simply turn the breaker completely to the off position and then attempt to switch it to the on position. If it trips again call an electrical service contractor out to fix it.
  • Check your main breaker. When checking this breaker put the back of your hand up close to the breaker and feel for any heat emitting from the panel. If you feel too much heat do not attempt to reset the breaker. If the panel is cool you can attempt to turn the breaker completely to the off position and then firmly switch it to the on position.

If after doing the tasks above you still do not have all of your power back to normal you should call your power company. Proper electric service to your home or business is a part of the electric utility bill you contracted to pay each month. Power companies in normal circumstances are highly responsive to independent power outages. The power company does not charge to come to your property and make sure that there is not an issue with the electrical service distribution equipment. Electric transformers are very sensitive. If anything goes wrong internally in a transformer it will produce strange voltages that will cause fluctuations of voltage to your home or place of business.

Call the power company prior to calling out an electrical service contractor.

Do not attempt to remove any covers from electrical panels.

Call more than one electrical service contractor until you feel comfortable that your electrical emergency will be handled with promptness. At In Phaze we understand the losses that one can suffer when losing power. The ice cream store with freezers full of ice cream, the day trader with no power to the computer equipment, we understand and we are here if you need us.