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 custom home speaker sytem
 So which is more important to you? Audio? Video? Communications? Whichever one of these you choose In Phaze Electric Inc. can help. We are very familiar with the installation of all the equipment and wiring needed to complete nearly any audio, video or communications project in your home or office.

There are no words to describe a quality sound system. In Phaze Electric Inc. offers installation of full home custom audio systems. These systems can be interfaced to an intercom system. If you have never heard a good quality sound system you really don’t know what you are missing. The owner of the company started his journey into the electrical field starting in car audio and still continues to do custom audio projects.

 If you’re going to have the sound then you must also have the video. High definition 1080 is very high quality digital video. You must have an HD subscription with your cable or satellite tv provider to have the highest quality digital video. With the newer televisions you will find 1080 quality, numerous HDMI inputs, coaxial, rca, s-video, PrPbPy, usb. You name it, the connection is available. Be sure the television has a fiber optic digital sound port for best digital sound.

Depending on the location of your receiver in relation to your sound receiver and television you will need to consider the lengths of runs for the fiber optic digital cables and HDMI cables. These costs if all components are not all located close to one another will be high. A good piece of advice: Spare no expense on good HDMI and digital cables. TV’s and sound receivers and external electric equipment can and should be purchased at moderate cost. Nearly all electrical equipment is made the same now days. You would need to spend ridiculous money to get something ridiculous that you don’t need.

In Phaze Electric Inc advises not to purchase very low cost speakers. Good speakers cost more money, don’t be afraid to spend it.

 installation of outdoor secutiry lighting
In Phaze Electric provides installation of home and office communication systems such as phone (CAT 5, CAT 6, CAT 6e and any and all other communications cabling), coaxial cable and communications and coaxial receptacles.
In addition, we install security camera systems. We will mount the cameras in the locations you request and install the wiring to the location that you request. We do not connect or program video systems. We recommend having a home security professional consultation to find the best ideas for home security. 
Keep in mind that night security lighting provides a means of security. Burglars are less likely to approach a home that is well lit on all sides. Motion sensor dusk to dawn security lights work well for security purposes. These lights stay on all night from sun down to sun up operated via photocell. At night they are dimly lit around 40-60 watts depending on the size bulb installed. Motion may be detected up to 50ft and in up to a 270 degree direction. These lights are very low cost and can be purchased at any local home improvement store. In Phaze Electric Inc. can provide the switching and wiring for these night security motion dusk to dawn lights. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your security lighting needs.