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Electrical service equipment is the electrical heart of your home or business. Electrical service equipment carries the full electric load needed to power all electrical equipment and devices in your home or office. This equipment is in our opinion the most important to consider with safety as a priority. Our service managers typically remove the panel covers to inspect and or tighten connections inside the electric panels and meter can if access is needed to find or repair an electrical problem. 
There are a handful of issues that can cause electrical problems or potentially an electrical fire. Please note that all electrical equipment is rated for the proper voltage and current needed to handle the full electric load of the home or business’s electrical needs. Proper electrical equipment must be purchased and installed by a licensed, qualified and knowledgeable electrician.


Items to look for when inspecting electrical equipment
 Interior Electrical Panel with Surge Protection 
  • Recalled or factory faulty equipment. Obviously an electrician should not install an electrical device or equipment from 1920. The same may be said for equipment constructed in the 1940’s through the 1970’s. Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco electrical panels and breakers are an example of such faulty electrical equipment. You can find out more info regarding these panels by
  • Improperly installed electrical equipment. We have responded to countless service calls only to find that the previous electrician went too fast or simply missed a step and neglected to tighten all connections in the equipment. Loose electrical connections of any sort will eventually lead to a fire or inoperative electrical devices. Proper torque is required by the manufacturer of the electrical equipment and should be followed as designed.
  • Proper wire sizing. The size of wire is based on the electrical load needed but is protected by an overcurrent protection device, better known as a breaker. If the breaker size is rated higher than the maximum current carrying capacity of the wire and the electrical load needs and thus pulls that load, the wire has a good chance of melting or possibly melting the insulation of the wire which we see quite a bit of. Once again, having an experienced and qualified electrician is vital to your home or business.

We recommend having your home or business electrical service equipment inspected at least every 20 years. We also recommend having us out for a whole house electrical inspection if one has not been done since you took ownership. Home inspectors hired during a home purchase are sometimes very knowledgeable in one specific trade industry but maybe not as informed in others. Many of these inspectors are not educated in any form of construction other than the inspection itself and are taught very basic knowledge on all trades in a course that can be taken online.