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Some interior, inside, outside or exterior electrical panels are known fire hazards such as Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco panels, so much so that insurance companies will not insure the home, or they will increase the homeowners premium. In most recent cases fewer insurance companies are insuring homes with Federal Pacific Electric breakers or Zinsco panels.

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Are you having Federal Pacific panel problems? It’s not uncommon and it is highly recommended to have an electrician inspect any Federal Pacific Electric or Zinsco panel if you have not already. The most common faults of Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco breakers are the fact that many times they do not trip at the rated current limits in which they were originally designed. By not tripping and shutting off the circuit at the designed current limit, the breaker will start to overheat and will eventually melt the conductors internally within the breaker, wire or panel bus. Having a licensed electrician inspect the Federal Pacific breakers will help deter the costs further down the road.
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 Panels are somewhat airtight so if heat is present inside of the electrical panel this will only add to the weakening and melting of the metallic mechanisms within the breaker, wire or buses. Federal Pacific Electric panels are generally smaller in size than any other electrical panel. By replacing or upgrading your electrical panel you will increase the overall size of the electrical panel thus eliminating any rise in temperature within the new panel.
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 As a safety precaution an individual can place the back of their hand onto the breaker or panel board to check for any signs of overheating. You should feel absolutely no rise in temperature from an interior electrical panel. If checking the exterior electrical panel you may notice a slight rise in temperature due to the sunlight reflecting and absorbing into the metal panel box.

If any heat is detected from any source of electricity within your home you should call In Phaze Electric out as soon as possible.


Please note to make sure and only allow licensed professional electricians to work

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