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I have spent my entire life from the age of 15 gaining a vast understanding of electricity as a whole. I first started, as many teenagers might have, installing my first car stereo system. I nearly burnt up my first car, a 1980 Plymouth Volare. That was not however my first realization of electricity.

I was born in Dallas Texas. It was around the age of 6 or 7 when I first found electricity, or shall I say it found me. As with most children, I stuck something metal into the receptacle in my bedroom. That is when I started the lifelong ambition to understand this fascinating thing called electricity.

As a Junior in high school I was offered the opportunity to study the theory and fundamentals of electricity at Monette Vocational school in Monette Missouri. I spent the first 4 hours of my days learning Ohm’s law and many other laws, along with building TV’s, radios and much more. As a senior I took advanced electronics where we rewired the entire schools annunciation system in Cotopaxi Colorado.

After graduating from high school I left for the Navy where I spent 9 months in Aviation Electronics school, graduating top in my class. I was then sent to Lemoore California where I proudly served my country as a plane captain and Aviation Electrician’s mate 3rd class having the great privilege to work with F/A 18 Hornets.

After proudly serving 4 years and receiving Sailor of the Quarter 2nd quarter 93′, 2 Letters of Commendation, 4 service medals and an honorable discharge from the Navy, I went right into the electrical construction industry in California. What a huge transition! Construction was a whole new world to me. I listened to my Master (that is the title you are given when you pass the state exam and become a contractor) who was the owner of Future Electric in California. I learned quite a bit about the responsibilities of being the owner of an Electrical Contracting company from him. Within 9 months I was supervising my own small commercial projects. I was quick to catch on.

After 5 years in California I went back home to Colorado where I jumped right in with the local electrical company doing many various jobs. One in particular I should mention was installing a solar power system for a cellular tower literally on the top of the tallest mountain around. That was a job I will never forget, not to mention the 6 hours of 4 wheeling it took to get there and back. Everybody knew everybody back home. I will always think of Colorado as home.

I eventually moved to Arkansas to live with my sister. Home was home, but I wanted to see more of our great country. I was still young enough to do it, so why not. This is when my career started to really skyrocket. I hired on with a company that took me to 15 states. Niagara falls is something everyone should see in mid January. A little cold, but it was worth it. I eventually signed on with Halliburton which was at the time called Brown and Root. I was introduced to the industrial aspect of electrical construction, which, to name a few, includes: PLC’s, solid state, motor controls and assembly line function. Some companies include Briggs and Stratton and Potlatch (a paper mill company). I found industrial wiring very fascinating and quickly caught on.

With 2 years of travel under my belt I was ready to settle down. I went back to Hot Springs Arkansas where I eventually went to work as a Plant manager for Prime Line Inc. This is where I met the wife that I had always been waiting on. She had come to visit her father who worked with me at the company. He introduced us and it was truly love at first sight. Unfortunately she was not going to leave her home here in Florida, so of course I sold all of my belongings except for my tools and clothes and moved to Florida and have been here now for 11 years. She is still the wife of my dreams, although not such a dream anymore, but a reality that I am so grateful to God for. What a gift!

I have worked for many contractors in the Orlando area where I eventually obtained my Florida Journeyman’s license and was promoted to the position of licensed Superintendent. With a license, the pay came with it. Some of the many jobs I have supervised in the area would include the lighting installation on the top of the very tall, round, blue building on I-drive. The one with the gold ball. At the time it was called the Marriott. I have also supervised projects at literally every hospital in the Orlando area where I was eventually offered a position as Construction Administrator with an electrical engineering firm overseeing many of the hospital and school projects that were done in this past growth period. I thought I had reached the top of my career as an electrician. But there was one thing still missing…Residential!

I eventually resigned at the engineering firm and took hold as a Construction Manager over many projects in the Orlando area including Lake Nona, Northlake, Baldwin Park and many others. At that same time I was working part time as a Service Technician where I was invited into your homes. This was the pinnacle of my career! I had found what I loved. I eventually went full time with this company as General Manager where I opened up a branch in Tampa. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I have had the opportunity to service a few famous people such as Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic, Channel 9 investigative reporter Todd Uhlrich, Arnold Palmer, and in Tampa, one of the original founders of Outback Steakhouse. What a real joy speaking to all of you, famous or not. I love people, I love electricity, so how could I be any happier. You, me, and your electricity.

I am now the proud owner of 2 companies: In Phaze Electric LLC and I-maggenation LLC

I-maggenation is a company owned by myself and 2 partners. I am an inventor in my spare time where I am searching for alternative forms of creating energy utilizing magnetism. Over the years of gaining knowledge with respect to energy I have realized as most physicists have, that there is no energy without magnetism. I am simply attempting to use this magnetism to produce electricity. However, the real passion in my life is In Phaze Electric and having the opportunity to serve others. If I am ever successful with the I-magg motor it would be my ultimate service to all.