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 melted-aluminum-wiring-and-outletsMost electrical fires are due to faulty switch and receptacle outlets. In the past 30 years devices have been manufactured with what is called a quick connect. Quick connect is a means of stabbing the wire into a hole in the back of the device. Manufacturers still continue to manufacture these type of devices. There is some mention in the National Electrical code instructing electricians not to connect devices in this manner for such places as hospitals and other locations. Over time, the quick connect loosens inside of the device ultimately leading to heating of the device and eventually fire or failure. In Phaze Electric does not terminate devices using quick connect. We wrap the wire around a screw that over time will not loosen.
 Pictures such as the one on the right are also a good way to start a fire. In Phaze can run an independent circuit to anywhere in your home and provide a sufficient means to plug in a 20 amp extension strip cord. You can find strip extension cords that are rated for 20 amps at most home improvement stores.

Installing new switches and receptacles not only prevents a potential fire it also adds a sense of cleanliness and neatness to the interior of your home. In most homes 1500 to 2500 square foot, switches and plugs can be completely replaced for around $1000.00 and under.