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4 Kitchen Lighting Upgrades to Beautify Your Kitchen

12.02.2018 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

Your kitchen is probably the most important room in your home, especially if it is open to a family room or living room. It’s not only a place to prepare food, but it’s also a place to gather with friends and family to talk and dine.

Whether you have an open kitchen, galley kitchen, or small kitchen, you need good lighting. Lighting makes food preparation safer, and it also adds a touch of décor and atmosphere. Here are four options for lighting your kitchen.

1. Pendant Island Lights

Pendant lights add a beautiful decorative touch as they hang suspended above your kitchen island. They focus light on the island so you can see well for preparing food and reading recipes. When they’re installed with a dimmer switch, they make perfect mood lighting too. Mood lighting makes dining at the island as romantic as dining by candlelight.

Pendant lights come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, but what they all have in common is that they are suspended from above and connected to wiring behind the ceiling.

2. Track Lights

Track lights are useful when you want to illuminate specific areas of your kitchen. The lights are attached to a bar mounted on the ceiling and they have swivel bases so they can be aimed at different areas. You could have all the lights point to the stove, sink, and counter area or turn them so they shine in opposite directions to light up a reading nook, illuminate an island, or shine into a cabinet.

Track lighting comes in different sizes, so you may want a small strip to light up a dark corner or a large, curving fixture that covers the length of your kitchen for a dramatic appearance. Small track lighting can often be plugged into an outlet and avoid the need for wiring.

3. Under-the-Counter Lights

Placing lights under your counters is a great way to add light to your kitchen while having the lights out of sight. LED lights are ideal for this since the lights are energy efficient, cool, and long-lasting. Under-the-counter lights are available in light bars, adhesive strips, and pucks.

Adhesive strips are a good inexpensive option you can install yourself since you peel and stick them to the underside of your cabinet. They provide a continuous row of lighting that shines on your countertops.

Puck lights are more dramatic. These are individual lights that cast downward pools of light. The light bars are similar to strips but these may need to be wired by an electrician. You can buy lights that connect to each other so only the first one has to be connected to wiring or an outlet.

4. Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are popular for kitchen lighting. They are spaced evenly across the ceiling to provide the perfect amount of lighting for your needs whether you want bright lights for cleaning and cooking or dim lights for ambiance.

Recessed lights are typically installed by an electrician since they are mounted on the ceiling and connected to existing wiring when possible. Like under-the-counter lights, recessed lights can connect to each other, which makes installation easier. However, each light requires drilling a hole large enough to hold the fixture.

Deciding on the right type of lighting can be tough because there are so many beautiful options. Pendant lights and track lights are an important part of the décor of your kitchen, so choosing the right design is just as important as choosing the best type of lighting.

If you need help installing new kitchen lighting call In Phaze Electric Inc. for expert assistance. We’ll be glad to enhance your kitchen with modern lights that brighten the space and add a touch of beauty.

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