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Lighting Upgrades Ideal for an Elegant Home Library

12.04.2018 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

Even though we can instantly access digital books anytime we want, there is something special about owning a physical copy of a book. Many people have home libraries where some of their favorite books are on display. The books may feature a wide range of novels, college yearbooks, photo albums, collector’s editions, or children’s books.

As you display and read various book titles, there are numerous ways to provide lighting for the home library area. Not only does lighting allow you to easily browse through the books, but lighting enhancements help make a book collection look elegant and adds to the sophistication of a home library.

Plan out various lighting upgrades to display your book collection and enhance the way the whole area looks.

Track Lights

Shine a spotlight on your book collection by installing track lights. A traditional track light features a secure bar or track typically attached to a ceiling or wall. The track typically features a collection of individual lights. Each light has the ability to move on the track and point at individual directions.

When using track lights for a home library, each section has their own individual light for illumination. The track lights may be adjusted and turned to shine on a single shelf. Once all of the lights are set up, a simple flip of the switch provides you with fully illuminated shelves. The extra light allows you to see the books, read the spines, and easily find the title you are looking for.

An electrician installs tracks lights in an ideal location so the light is most effective on the book shelves. The angles of the light may also be positioned so there are no shadows or blocked light while a person searches through the shelf for a book.

Shelf Accent Lights

For a more elegant shine to your book collection, consider installing accent lights behind the bookshelf. Accent lights work will with bookshelves that feature open backs to them and are exposed to the wall.

Accent lights installed behind the books add a soft glow to your book collection. Once books are placed on the shelves, the glow has a dramatic mix of shadows and light. Light can easily shine through the pages to create unique views and really allow the shape of the books to stand out.

Reading Area Lights

You often want a place close by where you can read and enjoy your collection of books. A reading area in your library should not only provide comfort, but also a place where you have plenty of light to see the pages.

Recessed lighting in a reading area provides you with a direct overhead light on the reading area. You do not need to worry about harsh shadows or finding the right angle for proper light. Depending on the size of the area or the amount of reading chairs, an electrician may install multiple recessed lights to provide illumination.

Light Dimmers

For all of the light installations, electricians have the ability to install dimmer switches. Dimmer switches provide you with the ability to change the brightness of the lights. During the day, you may only need a little bit of extra light to properly see the book you’re reading.

At night, you may also want a dimmer setting for a more relaxing and moody environment. Each light may have their own dimmer switch, so a whole custom set-up is available for your lights.

Call us at In Phaze Electric Inc. for all your lighting and electrical needs. We have years of experience and can completely transform your home library into an elegant area you can enjoy.

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