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5 Signs You Need Electrical Work Done in Your Bathroom

11.05.2018 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

When you think about having work done in your bathroom, you might think about working with a plumber. However, there are times when you might need to have electrical work done in this area of your home as well. These are a fewsigns that it might be time to hire an electrician to help with your bathroom’s wiring.

1. You Don’t Have GFCI Outlets in Your Bathroom

First of all, take a look at the electrical outlets in your bathroom. If they aren’t ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets, then you need to hire an electrician fast. It is critical to use GFCI outlets near all sources of water, such as in your bathroom or kitchen. If you don’t have these outlets in the bathroom, then your wiring might be outdated, or a non-professional might have done the work.A professional electrician can swap out your existing outlets with GFCI outlets. This can help you ensure that your bathroom wiring is up to code and can help you prevent electric shock.

2. You Can’t Use Your Hair Dryer

The bathroom is a natural place to use your hair dryer after you get out of the shower. However, hair dryers use a lot of current, and they often don’t work properly in homes with outdated wiring.If you have noticed that your breaker trips each time that you use your hair dryer, you could be wondering what’s wrong. This could be a sign that there is too much of a load on your breaker, which can be dangerous and can prevent you from using your wiring as you want to.An electrician can repair the issue so that you can start using your hair dryer without a problem and so that you can ensure that your wiring is safe.

3. You’re Rearranging Your Bathroom

If you are tackling a big renovation in your bathroom, you could be thinking about moving things around. If you’re planning on rearranging where your toilet, shower, cabinets, and more are, you may work with a plumber to make this happen. You might not have thought about working with an electrician.Once everything in the bathroom is moved around, however, you may find that your existing electrical outlets aren’t in the most convenient places. An electrician can take a look at your new bathroom floor plan and can help you determine where outlets should be for your convenience.

4. You Don’t Have Enough Electrical Outlets

Even if you don’t have any electrical problems in your bathroom, you might still benefit from working with an electrician. For example, you might have found that you never really had enough electrical outlets in the bathroom, which can be inconvenient. A professional electrician can help by installing additional outlets safely where you need them.

5. You’re Installing a Tankless Water Heater

If you’re thinking about installing a tankless water heater in your bathroom, you’re probably making a smart move. Tankless water heaters are great for saving energy and ensuring that you never run out of hot water in the shower.Before installing a tankless water heater, though, you have to make sure that your wiring is able to handle the load. Even though a plumber can handle hooking the tankless water heater up to your shower, you should have your wiring looked at by an electrician first for safety reasons.As you can probably see, there are various scenarios in which it’s a good idea to hire an electrician to do some work in your bathroom. Contact us at In Phaze Electric Inc for residential electrician services that you can count on.

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