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Should You Have Whole-House Surge Protection?

12.09.2018 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

Today, many homes have numerous sensitive electronic devices that a single power surge can easily damage. Power surges result from lightning, a downed power line, and more commonly, from the on-off cycling of appliances inside your home.

Surge protectors are not a legal requirement and neither do homeowner insurers make these devices mandatory. However, every homeowner that has sensitive electronic devices should consider installing a whole-house surge protection system.

If you have heard about whole-house surge protection devices but are still on the edge, read on to find out why these devices are a smart investment.

Financial Impact of Power Surges

On any given day, numerous power surges can impact the equipment inside your home. Many of these current spikes go unnoticed. Yet, these surges silently diminish the life and efficiency of your valued electrical appliances.
Power surges can cause appliances to break down immediately or suddenly after a period of exposure to continuous power spikes. Excessive electrical current can damage the circuit board of sensitive equipment such as a plasma TV, refrigerator, and computers, which are extremely costly to replace.

Whole-House Surge Protection Payback

Power surge protectors are a cost-effective solution for protecting and boosting the service life of your valued electrical appliances.

In particular, a whole-house surge protection device (SPD) works to divert excessive electrical current to the ground, preventing these currents from flowing through your appliances. The protective device restores normal electricity flow once the surge activity stops.

The cost of installing a whole-house SPD will vary based on factors such as the size of your home, labor costs, and the sticker price of the SPD. However, on average, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $500.

If you have suffered a loss due to electrical surges or if you have expensive electrical devices, investing in an SPD will easily pay for itself by minimizing repair or replacement costs.

Two-Pronged Approach

To get the most from your whole-house SPD, experts recommend installing point-of-use surge protection devices to safeguard against lower level electrical current spikes.

While installers wire a whole-house SPD into your home’s electrical service box, you can plug in point-of-use SPDs between the wall outlet and your electrical appliance.

The most common type of a point-of-use SPD is the multi-device power strip, but other options include the uninterruptible power supply and surge station units.

Whole-house SPDs typically have a high voltage rating. These devices protect your electronics from high-level power surges.

On the downside, whole-house SPDs are not foolproof and they can allow low-level electrical currents to pass through your home’s electrical system, exposing your appliances to the risk of electrical damage. Installing both point-of-use and whole-house SPDs will give your home maximum protection against the effects of high-level and low-level power surges.


Your whole-house SPD will only work as intended if you have properly grounded wiring in your house. Grounding simply provides a route to divert excess electrical currents.

Without proper grounding, the power surge will pass through another wire and make its way through to any one of your electronics. This essentially circumvents the usefulness of the whole-house SPD.

Whole-house SPDs are an effective and accessible way to protect your valuable electronics against the perils of fluctuating electrical currents. To get value for your money, find a reputable electrical contractor to install your whole-house SPD and to check that your home has proper grounding.

If you want electricians in the Orlando Metro and surrounding areas, you can trust the experts at In Phaze Electric Inc. to get the job done. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We’re also happy to answer any of your questions.

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