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09.10.2018 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

Imagine if you could automatically control the temperature, monitor every movement, or program the lighting in your entire house right from your smartphone. A smart home system makes this possible. Interestingly, home automation can save you up to 30 minutes of time a day or a whopping 183 hours a year.

Over the years, smart home technology has advanced drastically, allowing users to control the home through mobile devices and autonomously too. An autonomous system learns your day-to-day routine, adapts to these habits, and automatically performs tasks for you.

Admittedly, automating your home can be a bit overwhelming, as you have so many technologies from which to choose. However, the trick is to start small and gradually add to your smart home ecosystem based on your needs.
Here are five ideas to get you started with home automation.

1. Smart Temperature

Smart temperature technology allows you to control the thermostats in your home remotely. Smart thermostats are among the devices that benefit the most from autonomous technology.

By sensing the temperature preferences in your home, an autonomous thermostat can adjust the coolness or warmness of every room. This way, your home will always be at the right temperature even when you are away.
With remote thermostat technology, you can stay on top of your energy consumption, allowing you to significantly lower your cooling and heating costs.

2. Smart Lighting

Lighting accounts for about 5 percent of the energy budget in the average household. Smart lighting technology can help you reduce both your lighting bill and your carbon footprint.

An automated lighting system lets you control bulb brightness, switch off lights remotely, and program your lights to switch on and off at specific times. This can be especially important for purposes of security when you are away from home. All this happens automatically, without much effort from you.

3. Smart Locks

A lot is happening in the area of home security and lock control technology so you have numerous options for remotely controlling access to your home.

Smart lock systems all have a common basic working mechanism. The system senses activities in your home — such as when someone opens a certain door — records, and sends this information to your smartphone.
If you forget to lock a door, the smart lock system can alert you and let you unlock your door from a certain distance. You can use both WiFi and Bluetooth technology to connect multiple devices, depending on the way you want to control your locks.

Other access control technologies include door sensors that work more or less in the same way as smart locks. Through cloud technology, sensors fixed on your doors learn your normal routine, store this information, and send you text message alerts when the sensor detects a deviation from your normal door access routine.

4. Smart Intercom

Smart intercom systems leverage the power of video and voice to allow you to communicate with your family from different parts of the house. You can integrate a variety of features into the intercom system, depending on your needs.

The most common use of a smart intercom system is communicating with someone outside your front door. However, unlike the traditional voice-only system, a smart intercom lets you use a video chat feature affixed on a wall or straight from your smart mobile device.

A smart intercom eliminates the need to go to every room to complete tasks. Not want to go upstairs to ask everyone to come down for dinner? An automated intercom will come in handy. 
A neatly synchronized and interconnected home automated system offers the best value for your money. At In Phaze Electric Inc., we can advise you and help you build a smart home that adds more convenience to your lifestyle. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate.

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