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What Home Devices Cause a Fuse to Blow?

11.02.2019 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

For homeowners, blown fuses are simply a part of life. Typically, a fuse blows when too much energy is being used on a single circuit. No matter how conscientious you are, your appliances still can drain energy from your home, even when you’re not using them. This leads to higher electric bills and more blown fuses. You are likely already aware that your refrigerator and air conditioner both use a ton of energy, but what about the other appliances in your home? Here are four overlooked household devices that often cause fuses to blow.


When they are in use, microwaves use a ton of power. Even when you are not heating up leftovers or making popcorn, microwaves consume a ton of electricity. When they’re plugged into outlets, they draw energy to power the digital clock and keep the buttons on standby. Over time, all this power usage adds up, and it may cause even more blown fuses in your home. This can be an especially frustrating problem if you have aging appliances that are not energy efficient, or if the wiring in your home is old and outdated. In this case, it may be time to call the best electrical contractors in Orlando, FLto address the root of the problem.

Fully Charged Devices

Lots of people get into the habit of leaving their phones and laptops plugged into the chargers even after the battery reaches 100 percent. Though the power use from the majority of chargers gradually declines after the battery is fully charged, they still draw some electricity. This added energy use provides no benefit to your device or your wallet. Instead, unplug your devices from the wall after they finish charging.  

Cable Boxes and DVRs

Set-top boxes can cost as much money to power as your refrigerator does. Since these devices are always on standby and ready to be used, they can use as much power when they’re turned off as they do when they are powered on. This unnecessary energy usage can cause fuses to blow quite easily. If you know you won’t be using the set-top box for a while, unplug it from the wall.


Game Consoles

If the gamer in your home doesn’t turn off their Xbox or PlayStation when it’s not in use, you may be needlessly paying upwards of $100 a year. Though many newer game consoles come with a standby mode that uses very little energy, the usage starts to add up. Leaving the device on 24/7 can cause issues when it comes to system performance and your energy bill. Do what’s best for everyone and turn off your devices when you’re not using them.

If you experience frequent blown fuses or any sort of electrical problem, you may require the help of electrical service contractors in Orlando, FL. Contact In Phaze Electric Inc today for a free estimate, (407) 599-7777.

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