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What Is the Importance of Generators?

18.02.2019 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

All electrical service contractors in Orlando, FL, can tell you how valuable it is to have a generator on hand. In Florida, it’s always a matter of when, not if, the next big storm will hit. Given those hazards, generators are a great safety measure to have in place.


Put simply, a generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Although commercial and residential wiring and electrical services are certainly not the same, there are a number of generators that can provide backup power for businesses or homes. Some generators are portable, and they can easily be rolled or hauled into place. Other generators are installed to be kept permanently in a specific location. You’re probably already aware that hospitals have backup generators to provide emergency electricity when needed; they’re most commonly used during a natural disaster. These generators permanently stay on-site, and they’re not built to be easily portable. On the other hand, a family farm might have a generator that’s easy to maneuver, so it can placed where it’s most needed.


When purchasing a generator, one of the first things to consider is the size that you need. Obviously, a single-family home won’t need the amount of electricity that a hospital does. Businesses generally require much more power than homes. A large business might need multiple generators, since no single generator would be able to meet the demand.


When determining your size needs, you should take into consideration real-world usage. You may not be able to use all equipment and tools off a single generator. It’s typically recommended that you focus on essential services instead. Today, that generally includes computers, servers, and telecommunications.


The business world has changed, and companies have had to change with it. Years ago, electricity was more of a luxury. However, companies today require internet access, computers, servers, and other electrically powered equipment. They simply can’t function without technology. Given that reality, generators have to be selected carefully. Some generators won’t meet your needs, and bigger isn’t automatically better. It’s always recommended that you consult with an expert before purchasing a generator for your business. It’s a wise investment, but it’s always best to be selective.

When it comes to a business, downtime has to be avoided. Lost work results in lost profits. Perhaps the most important reason to have a generator for a company is to avoid service interruptions. You have to be able to take orders, negotiate contracts, upload or download files, and accomplish a thousand other tasks that require electricity. You simply can’t function if you’re unplugged. Transactions and information services demand electricity. A generator provides that much-needed resource. With a generator, you can avoid losing time, money, and productivity.

When consulting electrical services in Orlando, FL, be sure to ask about what generators can provide for your company. Contact the experts at In Phaze Electric to learn more, , (407) 599-7777.

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