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Reasons Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

30.04.2019 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

When a circuit trips in your home or business, this is a safeguard to prevent electrical fires. If you constantly deal with circuits tripping, this is a sign that you need to call an electrician. Allowing this problem to continue means you’re putting your property in jeopardy. The 3 most common reasons for circuits tripping are:

  1. Overloaded circuit: This happens when too much energy is being drawn from the same circuit. Don’t allow power-heavy devices on the same circuit. If you have an older home, you might need to add more circuits to meet your power needs.
  2. Short circuit: This happens when too much heat is generated. A bad switch, cord, plug, improper wiring, loose connections, damaged wires or even a lightning strike can cause a short circuit. Call a licensed electrician to repair a short circuit.
  3. Ground fault: When a hot wire comes in contact with a grounding wire it can cause a ground fault. Usually, damaged equipment causes a ground fault.

Whenever you have electrical issues, especially tripping circuits, you need a licensed electrician to fix the problem. In Phaze Electrical is an electrical service in Orlando, FL, specializing in home and commercial wiring. Our service areas include:

  • Orange County
  • Osceola County
  • Seminole County

We offer emergency electrical services to ensure that your home or business is always a safe place to be. Our residential and commercial electrical services also include free estimates and warranty guarantees. At In Phaze Electrical, we don’t want you to struggle with electrical issues. When you need an electric contractor in Orlando, give us a call at 407-599-7777tel to schedule a service call or book your appointment online at

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