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Why You Should Install Outdoor Landscape Lighting

04.05.2019 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

Are you thinking about putting a new patio in your backyard or upgrading the patio you have now? Be smart in your preparation and planning. Days after your patio is done, you don’t want to start thinking about the things you wish you had done. Know what you want before installation. If you don’t want your time on the patio to end when the sun sets, take advantage of outdoor landscape lighting Orlando. Let your first call be to In Phaze Electric Inc’s reliable electrical service contractors in Orlando, FL. (407) 599-7777

Type of Lighting to Use

When thinking about the type of lighting you want for your patio, consider what areas need light. This will be a big factor in the type of lighting you need. For example, how far is your patio from your house? Is the patio right by your back door, or is it several feet away? If the patio is adjacent to the house, you may use wall lights. If the patio is several feet from the house, you may go with underground cable, and you may want lights around a path leading to the patio. If your patio is covered, you may go with pendant lights. Don’t wait until your patio is complete to start thinking about lighting.

Advantages of Landscape Lighting

What are some advantages of outdoor landscape lighting?

  • Enjoyment: Get more enjoyment out of your patio. You don’t have to schedule your barbecues during the hottest part of the day. Enjoy the cooler part of the evening. You can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of your patio whenever you like, whether it’s a gathering with family and friends, a quiet evening with your favorite book, or a late dinner with the family.
  • Aesthetics: Add beauty to your patio with lighting. You can install ceiling fixtures or recessed lighting on your covered patio. Edison string lights can give your patio a little nostalgia.
  • Safety: You want your patio to be safe for you and your guests. You don’t want anyone to trip on the edge of the patio or a step. Use pathway lights so your patio can be reached safely from a deck or a door.
  • Security: Lights can deter would-be burglars. You can install motion lights around your patio for security. Motion lights can come in handy if you’re emptying the trash after dark or letting your pet outside at night.

Patio dinner landscape lighting orlando

Landscape Lighting Installation

Leave the installation of your outside landscape lighting to professionals. An electrician can install your lighting in a correct and safe manner. You don’t want cords that someone could trip on, and, if your patio doesn’t have a cover, you want lights that won’t be damaged by the rain. Your underground lights should be run through PVC pipes or buried at a enough depth. Electricity can be dangerous, so let an expert install your outlets and ceiling lights.

Call In Phaze Electric Inc. at (407) 599-7777 when you’re ready to install lighting for your new patio. Give your patio personality and get the light you need to extend the time you and your family can enjoy your new or upgraded patio.

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