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Damaged Outlet and Cords electrical installations orlando fl

Safety Tips to Prevent an Electrical Fire

12.05.2019 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

Faulty home wiring, frayed cords, and overheating appliances all pose hazards to your home that many don’t think about: electrical fires. Fire can devastate your house, destroy precious memories, and hurt your family. Luckily, electrical fires are easy to prevent with a little bit of effort. Read more to learn how to avoid electrical fires in your house.

Use Extension Cords as a Temporary Solution

Extension cords are not meant to be a permanent fix, but rather a temporary solution. If you need more outlets in your home, contact an electrician to discuss all of your options.

Unplug Heat-Producing Appliances

Appliances that produce heat should be unplugged as soon as you finish using them. This includes curling wands, irons, toasters, electric kettles, and other hot appliances. If these appliances break or are accidentally left on for a long time, they can start to overheat and catch fire.

Don’t Use Damaged Power Cords

If a cord becomes frayed, cracked, or is loose from its plug, it is a fire hazard. Repair or replace it before using the cord again. Additionally, do not purposefully damage a power cord by cutting off the third prong. The third prong (ground) exists to protect you if there is a power surge or malfunction. If your home only has two-prong outlets, consider getting an adapter or hiring an electrician to update a few of your outlets.

Update Your House’s Electrical System

Old wiring is one of the most common causes of electrical fires. Aluminum wiring, 60-amp electrical systems, and knob-and-tube wiring all come with a greater risk of overheating. These systems are typically found in older houses and require updating. Hire an electrician that handles residential electrical installations to learn more about upgrading your electrical system and whether it’s necessary for you.

Test and Replace Your Smoke Detectors

Make a habit of testing your smoke detectors and changing the batteries once every year. Do it at a time when it will be easy for you to remember the task like during spring cleaning or daylight savings time. Also, remember to replace your smoke detectors every ten years. If you’re not sure how old your smoke detectors are, it is best to be safe and replace them anyway.

Smoke Detector electrical installations orlando fl

Know the Common Signs of Danger

There are a few common signs to look out for that can indicate a problem with an electrical socket. Here’s what you should look out for:

  • Outlets, cords, or appliances that are hot to the touch
  • Sparks appear when you plug in a device
  • Burn marks or discoloration surrounding a light fixture, socket, or light switch
  • Lights flicker even after replacing the bulb
  • You feel an electric shock when plugging in a device
  • Burning smell when something is plugged in or used
  • Fuses blow or breakers trip regularly

Any of these signs can mean trouble for your home. If you notice one or more of them, stop using the device or outlet and contact an electrician orlando.

If you want to prevent fires in your home and improve your home wiring, contact us at In Phaze Electric Inc to learn how we can help. Call (407) 599-7777 We provide residential electrical installations in Orlando, FL.

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