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Commerical Electrician commercial electrical services Orlando Fl

Common Electrical Problems in Commercial Buildings

19.05.2019 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

A commercial building can range from small to colossal. The commercial electrical contractors that complete every step from initial breaker box set up to wiring should be the very best at their trade. Read on to find out more about some common electrical problems that can affect daily work routines in commercial buildings.

Commercial Building Wiring System

A commercial building has distinctive energy needs. The office arrangements and equipment used throughout the building have specific load demands. For instance, the amount of power required in an office will be less than the mechanical room. Sometimes special outlets need to be installed to protect sensitive or high-voltage equipment. The wiring in a commercial building must withstand higher voltages than a residential setting. Extensive insulation around the wiring protects the wires from heat and corrosive materials. Be sure to hire a commercial electrical company versus a residential electrical company.

Burned Out or Dimming Light Bulbs

Light bulbs that burn out frequently could be the result of a loose or faulty socket. Occasionally the fixture might be worn out and need replacing. Lights that flicker or dim could be a bad connection in the circuit that should be quickly addressed to avoid power arcing.

Breakers that Trip Frequently

When an overload trips a breaker, the circuit is using too much energy. Ignoring this problem could be overheating in the breaker box and could start a fire.

Dead Outlets

If a circuit breaker trips, it could be from a bad circuit connection or overheating because of an overload. Hire a reputable commercial electrical services company to inspect the electrical system to prevent melting of wires or risk of fire.

Too Few Outlets

One of the most frequent mistakes people make when they need another outlet is to use a power strip. The wiring for the outlet has specific ampere tolerances. By adding a power strip, it’s easy to overload a circuit and increases the fire hazard. Commercial electrical contractors are familiar with local building codes and the proper number of outlets needed in particular areas.

Faulty Installations

Commercial electrical wiring in an office needs to have secure, protected wiring to alleviate issues with the power supply. Building codes regulate the placement of wiring to protect it from the elements and alterations by non-electrician users. The standard for stripped wire is six inches for making connections at the box. The wrong length can result in power interruption and short circuits.

Loose Connections

A loose wire connection can result in arcing, which is a fire hazard. Occasionally during renovations, a wire is not reconnected properly. It needs to be tight, and not where it can get bent, twisted, or damaged.

Electrician commercial electrical services Orlando Fl

Electrical Fires

When electrical equipment is misused, overused, or improperly installed, the danger of an electrical fire increases. To be sure your commercial building is wired correctly, call In Phaze Electric Inc, the best commercial electrical service in Orlando, FL. In Phaze Electric Inc is committed to delivering top quality work. Their electricians are experienced and professional and can help solve any problems that might arise. Call 407-599-7777.


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