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Projects to Leave for an Electrician

01.06.2019 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

When something isn’t working in your home, it’s tempting to want to make repairs yourself. After all, DIY repairs save you money. However, not every home repair project is something that an amateur should mess with, especially when the problem is electrical. Calling a professional electrician keeps you safe, protects your electrical system, and ensures the repair is done correctly to avoid fire hazards. If you’re on the fence about whether you need an electrician or not, here are examples of projects that should always be left to an electrician:

  1. Circuit breakers: Adding circuits or replacing circuits should always be done by a licensed professional to guarantee you don’t blow fuses or damage your home’s wiring.
  2. Installing new lighting fixtures: Adding new lighting fixtures requires rewiring and may or may not require an additional circuit.
  3. Adding new outlets: Adding outlets means you’re adding more load to your electrical system. This must be done correctly to avoid overloaded circuits.
  4. Outdoor lighting installation: Adding lighting outside improves your safety and security of your home. Leave it to the electricians who have knowledge of positioning the lights correctly and using the right types of outdoor lights to provide the best security.

Working on residential electrical systems is what the pros at In Phaze Electric do every day. Our team of licensed and insured electricians know how to make safe and precise electrical repairs and replacement. We work on a variety of projects including small jobs like installing a new outlet as well as complex jobs like whole-house rewiring. When you have an electrical problem at your home contact our team of electricians in Orlando, FL. At In Phaze Electric, we offer no-obligation estimates and offer 24-hour emergency electrical service. To schedule a service call or discuss a home project, contact us today at (407) 599-7777.

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