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Top Reasons for Generator Transfer Switch Installation

17.06.2019 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

A home generator can be a tremendous source of peace of mind if you frequently experience blackouts due to severe weather or an aging local energy infrastructure. With a generator in place, you can rely on a steady supply of power—even when your neighbors may find themselves in the dark. While electricity is certainly necessary to power creature comforts in the home, such as air-conditioning and internet connectivity, for some people who rely on electrically powered medical equipment, a steady supply of power is critical to survival.

However, having a generator alone is not enough to ensure you are protected from power loss. A simple piece of equipment that can be installed by an electrician in Orlando, FL, can help you safely and efficiently switch from grid power to generator power seamlessly when the need arises. A transfer switch is a device that provides a separate set of switches for every circuit connected while simplifying the connection to your generator. It allows you to pick and choose which appliances and electrical equipment you power with your generator. A transfer switch can not only ensure that emergency power is available to anything hardwired to your residential circuit, but it will also ensure that power is transferred safely. Read on to learn a few of the top reasons that you should hire a residential electrical company to install a transfer switch along with your generator.

Allows You to Power Only Critical Equipment

One of the primary benefits of installing a transfer switch with your residential generator is that it allows you to power only certain specified pieces of equipment from the generator feed. Critical electrical circuits, such as those that control your air conditioner, refrigerator, well pump, or critical medical equipment, can be powered while other secondary circuits are left unpowered. With a transfer switch, you can divert all power form your generator to critical uses only while also protecting equipment such as electronics that may be sensitive to power from the generator.

Simplicity of Use

Connecting your portable generator to your household electrical circuit can not only be confusing, it can be dangerous if not done properly. It can cause damage to your home circuit, and it can also lead to power surges back into the downed grid that can injure linesmen who may be working down current. With a transfer switch, connecting to generator power is simple. There is a box outside the home that allows you to plug in your portable generator. Once you do that, you can select which circuit will receive power through the transfer switch.





As mentioned above, a transfer switch makes using portable generator power in your residential circuit largely safe and simple. The transfer switch will prevent power from leaking back into the grid, where it can injure power company workers who may be attempting to repair damaged lines down current from your home. Also, the transfer switch will prevent sensitive equipment from being damaged by uneven current from the generator. Not only will that prevent damage to equipment, but it can also cut the risk of fire or electrocution in the home while using generator power.

If you plan to power your residence with a portable generator, consider installing a transfer switch to ensure you can do it safely and efficiently. If you’re now convinced that transfer switch installation is an excellent idea when using a portable generator for residential power, call In Phaze Electric at (407) 599-7777 to set up an appointment.


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