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Home Rewiring for the Latest Electronics

27.06.2019 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

Today, electronics are everywhere. Phones, laptops, personal computers, and tablets have transformed living spaces, but home designs haven’t always kept up with the demand. Many homeowners have discovered that their electronics have advanced far faster than the wiring in their homes. Fortunately, an electrical contractor can help. It’s easier and faster than you might imagine to update your electrical system to keep up with the high-tech nature of modern entertainment and living.

Wiring and Cable

First and foremost, it’s a good idea to know what you need. Old-fashioned telephone wires can’t transmit a signal of greater than 4 megabits. This is why outdated dial-up internet was so incredibly slow. All wiring for data transmission has some sort of speed limit. A Category 5 (or Cat-5) allows for up to 100 megabits per second, whereas a Category 5 Enhanced (or Cat-5e) will enable speeds reaching 350 megabits per second. Category 6 (Cat 6) and Augmented Category 6 (or Cat 6A) are both designed to accommodate a gigabit or multiple gigabits of data.

As you can see, the type of wiring used matters, but so does how it’s implemented. Previously, daisy-chain wiring was how all homes were handled. Each outlet had its own cable or wire. This meant that you had a variety of wires running throughout your walls, and eventually they would all lead back to a shared panel.  This was a clumsy approach, and it’s not surprising that it has been abandoned.

A more contemporary approach is home-run wiring. This relies on a single cable or wire and a shared panel or outlet box that’s centrally located. Home-run wiring is more controlled and easier to upgrade. An integrated home network takes things a step further. Everything is consolidated. Instead of separate wires, you rely on a central hub. This network hub allows you to control everything in the home.


Smart Home In Phaze Electric Inc.


The Smart Home

Obviously, rewiring your home makes upgrading to a smart home a much easier process. With everything already centralized, establishing a remote control and using your tablet or phone to change lighting, turn on the television, and handle a myriad of other tasks becomes much simpler. Outdated wiring isn’t capable of handling those demands. A daisy-chained system would be a nightmare to try and get under control. However, with the right rewiring, it’s absolutely feasible.

An Entertainment Center of Excellence

Do you love your cable and pay-per-view shows? An RG6 quad shielded coaxial cable is the go-to solution for video. If you rely on your television for entertainment, it’s the best option. Previously, RG59 was used, but it has become outdated. The RG6 has a better signal, improved shielding, and thicker insulation. While a Cat5 or Cat6 might be the right choice for internet and other data-based systems, cable television is still best handled by a dedicated coaxial cable. It gives you the best picture and most reliable signal.

As you can see, rewiring really does deliver when it comes to getting the most out of modern electronics. An electrical service company in Orlando, FL, could help. Contact the professionals at In Phaze Electric, Inc. at (407) 599-7777 to learn how you can get the greatest performance out of your technology.

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