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residential electrical installations orlando fl

Benefits of Rewiring Your Old Home

04.07.2019 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

Technology’s changing all the time. If your home is older, it wasn’t built with modern television, Wi-Fi, or any mobile devices in mind. Besides the fact that your home isn’t equipped for modern technology, if it has older wiring, it’s vulnerable to shorts which could be a potential fire hazard. If this sounds like your home, it’s likely that you could use a total home rewiring. Here are a few reasons why calling residential electrical services in Orlando, FL, to rewire your home is a good idea.

Improved Safety

If you’ve recently had your wiring inspected, then you have an idea when you should get it replaced. If, however, you’ve lived in the house for several years and it still has the original wiring from when you moved in, then it’s probably a good idea to have an electrician come take a look. The older the wiring gets, the more likely it is that you’re going to run up against safety issues. Also, when you rewire your home, you might be able to get better homeowners insurance. Insurance companies are as aware as anyone how dangerous faulty wiring can be.

Prepare for a Home Remodel

There are changes you might want to make to your home that will require new wiring. If you want to build an addition, for example, all new wiring that’s installed will have to be in accordance with local building regulations while some of the old wiring will probably have to be replaced as well. Having your home inspected and old wires replaced when necessary will defray the cost of the home remodel when the time comes. If you’re doing any remodeling in preparation to sell your home, having new wiring installed and signed off by an inspector can add to your home’s market value while easing the selling process.


residential electrical installations orlando fl


Save Money on Energy Bills

New wiring is more efficient wiring. When faulty and frayed wiring is removed and replaced, your appliances will operate better and with fewer interruptions. You’ll save money on your monthly energy bills and release fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Furthermore, because faulty electrical wiring is unable to distribute the correct amount of energy that is required for each of your appliances, they’re more likely to break down. Extending the life of your appliances is an added benefit of rewiring your home

Fewer Power Outages

Outages that occur in your neighborhood are beyond your control. However, those that occur due to surges in the home are most often due to faulty electrical wiring. Either the old wiring can’t support the power necessary to run the home or it causes the home to become overloaded with electricity. Either way, having it replaced makes power outages far less likely.

If you want to experience the benefits that a rewired home can offer, contact In Phaze Electric, Inc. We’re experts in residential electrical installation in Orlando, FL, and we’d love to assist you with all your home electrical needs. Call us at (407) 599-7777 today!



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