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Ways to Enhance Lighting in Your Commercial Space

30.08.2019 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

Could your commercial space benefit from better lighting? Dark workspaces affect workplace morale and lower productivity. While painting your walls white and keeping the space light might brighten things up a little, you really need to focus on installing the right type of lighting. Check out these tips from In Phaze Electrical to enhance workplace lighting:

  • Install energy-efficient LED lighting: A lot of businesses get in the habit of keeping lights low because they don’t want their energy bills to soar. The good news is that LED lighting is more cost-effective than fluorescent lighting and provides ample task and general lighting.
  • Replace broken lights: Do you have lighting fixtures in the workplace that turn on and off intermittently? Fix broken lighting fixtures and your space won’t just be brighter. You might also find your employees are more alert because they won’t be suffering from headaches caused by flickering lights.
  • Add more task lighting: Install desk lamps and lights in dark hallways. Consult with an electrician if you need to add more outlets.
  • Create natural light: Nothing beats natural light in the workplace. Avoid using window coverings to allow an ample amount of natural light into the commercial space during the day.

Does your commercial space need better lighting? Before you start adding lamps and changing out overhead light fixtures, make an appointment with the commercial electricians at In Phaze Electric. We’re all for improving your lighting situation and handling your needs safely. Many of buildings in central Florida are older and have outdated electrical systems. Our team of licensed electricians know what upgrades you need to add lighting that doesn’t become a fire hazard.

In Phaze Electric is a Florida company serving Orange County, Osceola County & Seminole County. We offer emergency service and estimates to make it easier to get the electrical services you need. To schedule an appointment with one of our electrical service contractors near you, call us at (407) 599-7777. You can also visit us online at and send us a service request directly from our website.

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