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electrical contractor orlando fl

General Contractor vs. Electrician

09.09.2019 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

Every project requires the right skills, equipment, and experience. Although there’s a lot of work that a general contractor can do and do well, sometimes an electrical contractor in Orlando, FL, is the better choice. There are key differences between the two, and they’re worth taking into consideration.

General Contractor

The term General Contractor isn’t a mistake. You can think of a general contractor as a jack-of-all-trades. A general contractor can change light bulbs, install fixtures, change siding, and do a variety of other household tasks. If you need someone who’s handy around the house and can take care of several odd jobs, a general contractor is ideal.

General contractors don’t specialize in any one area. This makes them excellent for minor jobs that provide nothing more than a moderate challenge in any area. If you have something more difficult, you should probably opt for someone with more experience and who has a focused field. If you’re specifically concerned about electrical work, a electrician is the better bet.


An electrician is more than capable of handling basic tasks expertly and with care, but they can do far more. If you’re planning on building a new house, or you’d like to add on to your home with an addition or expansion, an experienced electrician can put together the design plans for you and recommend any changes or modifications to allow for future work. Are you concerned about your carbon footprint and want to make certain your updates, additions, or new build is energy efficient? An electrician can assist with that as well.

A certified electrician is someone with extensive experience and training, as well as the credentials to back up the title. For homeowners, the perks of hiring a dedicated professional are noteworthy. A master electrician is licensed within the state, certified, and has been tested to verify a full knowledge and understanding of current NEC code, as well as both local and state code requirements. Basically, if you want your electrical work to be done correctly and to be code compliant, an electrician is your best option.

Electricians have access to the latest equipment, understand the intricacies of electrical design, and can even identify existing problems that previously went unnoticed. If you want to renovate or update an older home, hiring an electrician is your best bet. They ensure safety for their clients, the impacted property, and for their fellow contractors or technicians. If you want the job done right the first time and you don’t need any worries, an electrician is the ideal person to lead the project.


electrical contractor orlando fl


Making the Choice

As noted above, the decision is really determined by the work that you need. Do you have squeaky steps and a fixture to replace? A general contractor is perfectly capable of handling the job. Do you need your entire home to be rewired? In that case, you should hire an electrician. You don’t want something that essential and complex to be left in the hands of anyone else.

If you have electrical work to be done and you want it to be tackled effectively and reliably, you really can’t accept any substitute. A qualified electrical contractor in Orlando, FL, is easily your best option. Speak with In Phaze Electrical at (407) 599-7777 if you have any questions or if you’d like an estimate for your upcoming project.

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