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5 Signs You Should Consider Rewiring Your Home

23.09.2019 inphazeelectricinc 0 Comments

In the modern world, electricity is the essence of our civilization. Without it, society would grind to a halt. There’d be no artificial interior light, no internet, limited communication, and many appliances would become useless. Despite the importance of electricity and the electrical systems that safely transport it into our homes, many homeowners neglect their residential electrical systems until there’s a problem. Most residential electrical contractors will tell you that old, inefficient electrical wiring can pose a considerable risk to life and property if left unremedied.

That’s why regular electrical inspections are a good idea, and when problems such as old, unsafe wiring are discovered, they should be fixed immediately by electrical contractors in Orlando, FL. Unfortunately, if your residential wiring is compromised, home rewiring can represent a significant undertaking. Keep reading to learn about a few signs that it may be time to consider rewiring your house.

Routine Flickering of Lights

While there may be incidental flickering during bad storms or upon the activation of high-draw appliances, your residential power should be steadily applied throughout the home. That means that regular flickering of your lights and other illuminating devices is out of the ordinary and could be a sign that your electrical system needs attention.

Overactive Breakers

Your breaker box is one of your home electrical system’s safety features. It protects your electrical system by tripping a circuit-breaking switch if the circuit becomes dangerously overloaded or if there is some type of fault in the system. Breakers may flip from time to time, especially when high-draw appliances, such as your HVAC unit, an electric stove, or a vacuum cleaner, turn on. However, those instances should be rare. If you’re routinely traveling to your breaker box to flip breakers, you may have too many high-draw appliances on your circuit. The other likely culprit is wiring that is old and outdated, which means it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Ungrounded Outlets

If you have an older home, there’s a good chance that there may be ungrounded outlets in your home that pose a considerable risk. These outlets feature two prongs instead of three and are no longer considered standard in new construction homes. As a result, many modern appliances aren’t compatible with ungrounded outlets, which means that ungrounded outlets aren’t equipped to deal with the demands of modern devices. If you have primarily ungrounded outlets in your home, that means that you need to have a professional rewire your electrical system and update the outlets with safer grounded outlets.


electrical contractors orlando fl


Unusual Sounds

Any sound that emanates from your electrical system is a cause for concern, but there are a few particular sounds that are strong indicators that you need to rewire your home. If you hear sizzling or buzzing when the power is on, it could mean that your wiring is damaged or compromised. That could pose a danger and should be remediated as soon as possible. If you hear a humming sound that comes from your lights or outlets, that’s another sign that it’s time to rewire your home with updated wiring.

Strange Smells

Have you ever noticed the smell of burning rubber or plastic in your home when turning on the lights or activating an appliance? That’s yet another sign that it’s time for home rewiring. Those odors could indicate that the wiring in your home is experiencing resistance that results in overheating, which is a fire hazard that could become disastrous. Also, if you smell ozone, that means there is electricity arcing somewhere, as ozone is created when electricity travels through the air. If you detect that odor, turn off your power at the main breaker and contact and electrical contractor immediately.

While many homeowners want to put off the expenditure represented by rewiring a home, it’s quite simply one repair that can’t be postponed. If you notice any of these signs and are ready for your home to be rewired, contact In Phaze Electrical at (407) 599-7777. 


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