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Antique Home Rewiring

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There are numerous reasons to rewire the electrical wiring in an old antique home. Simple age is probably the biggest problem. Wire insulation gets brittle and crumbles over the years which will leave bare conductors live in your walls, electrical devices, attic, and crawlspace – anywhere, to be quite honest. These wires can be fatal and can also cause an electrical fire. Antique homes are typically built out of wood and over the years the wood dries out and is highly flammable. Codes are very outdated and simple practicality and modern use is not even an option with wiring that is older than the 1940s.

There are not many old antique homes left in America. Many of them have been demolished and replaced with much newer and more efficient styles of construction. Home and business architecture is fascinating and intriguing. You can see the uses of a home or business and the societal effects of the ideas behind architecture and innovation of home and business construction throughout human history.

We truly understand the necessity to maintain minimal damage to the original materials used in the original construction of the antique home. Most antique homes were built off of the ground and were constructed with very open and accessible attics allowing for ease of access to run nearly all of the new wiring needed to bring the home to current codes along with maintaining original build and materials. Some two-story homes will require damage to the first floor ceiling due to running electrical wiring for lighting or fans. If your home is a registered historical home the code requires that the home be made to original design at minimum, with the addition of minimal code-required safety standards.

The project managers at In Phaze Electric Inc. fully understand the patience and tedious work needed to complete an antique home rewire. We are also able to rewire the home if you are not too specific on damaging walls. Many new antique home buyers gut the interior and start over which is a great idea as long as you never plan to register it in the historical antique home registry.

Call us out for a consultation and free estimate or an inspection. There are typically generations of various electrical projects or service repairs that have been repaired or added over the years dating back to the time of original wiring. It takes a trained eye to spot the many hazards and shortcuts that electricians have made over the years. Please remember that you will have the utmost attention given to your antique home project.

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