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Go Green with LED Lighting

LED (Light Emitting Diode): a two-lead semiconductor light source. It is a basic pin-junction diode which emits light when activated. When a fitting voltage is applied to the leads, electrons are able to recombine with electron holes within the device, releasing energy in the form of photons. This effect is called electroluminescence, and the color of the light (corresponding to the energy of the photon) is determined by the energy band gap of the semiconductor.

LED lighting is by far the greenest form of electrically powered lighting on the planet. Technology is improving in ways such as actual sunlight-powered interior lighting. Using mirrors on roofs of large buildings companies are now able to capture the sunlight and disperse this sunlight via fiber optic cabling to sunlight light fixtures throughout buildings. It is very new technology and somewhat costly. For now, LED is by far the best and greenest way to go, and here is why.

Your typical LED par 30 light bulb that would be comparable to the 60 watt par 30 incandescent light bulbs (typical recessed lighting), draws around 5 watts. That is 12 times the reduction just in consumption. Another thing to note; LED lighting does not burn a filament as with incandescent lighting which creates very high heat. This added heat from lighting throughout your home increases your costs to cool the home and it is not an efficient way to heat your home either. LED lighting radiates very low to no heat at all.

Oh, but there is one more reason that LED lighting is the most cost effective. Typical life of an LED is 50,000 hours. If your lights stayed on for 24 hours a day that would be 5.71 years before you have to change it. We tell our customers that their lights should last for 20 years and warranty them upon installation for 5 years.

  • Lower your home temperature 1 degree saving you 1 hour of run time on your A/C per day due to no heat radiating from the LED lighting.
  • Stop replacing filament bulbs every 1,500 hours at $7.00 per bulb and have an LED light that is maintenance free for 20 years.
  • Stop spending 12 times the cost of electricity to run your old light bulbs.

CFL (Compact Fluorescent) light bulbs may cut back 2/3 the cost of the filament light bulb, but in the long run CFL lighting, as with any fluorescent lighting, has traces of Mercury and other harmful products in them. We are not just a Green company for saving you money. In Phaze Electric truly cares about the future of our planet and we do all we can to minimize our affects to the planet in as many ways as possible.

If you are interested in home LED lighting installation, give In Phaze Electric a call today. We specialize in the installation of LED lighting and would be more than happy to help you make you home a little greener.

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