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A home is more than just walls and paint. In Phaze Electric can transform your home into an atmosphere that you could never have imagined. Lighting atmosphere gives your home its personality. You may want it bright and full of life, or low, to set a romantic atmosphere. You can have the ability to adjust your lighting by the click of a remote or manually by dimmers. No matter the price of your home, In Phaze Electric can transform it into whatever personality you desire.


Have you dreamed of having elegant lighting for your home? Our crew is proud to provide you with extensive light installation services. From security lighting for your office to stunning features for your home, we have everything you need to keep your building bright.


Our years of experience have given us an advantage over our competitors. Each member of our crew has gained hands-on experience that allows them to handle a wide range of lighting installations. No matter your specific requirements, we’ve got the bulbs to brighten your building. ​

LED Lighting

Go green by filling your building with eco-friendly LED lights. These bulbs require significantly less energy, are resistant to breakage and are much safer than incandescent lights.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is a time-tested way of protecting your property. We provide installation of floodlights that are activated by motion. ​

Landscape Lighting

Nothing completes your landscaping project quite like decorative lighting. Our team will illuminate your walkways and garden features with soft, time-activated lights.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Lighting helps set the mood for your space. We offer everything from ornamental lights for your home’s entryway to sleek installations for your office.


At In Phaze Electric Inc., we have spent nearly a decade providing lighting features for Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding areas. With our team, you will always have reliable assistance with both repairs and installations. Whatever your lighting needs, we have the tools and techniques to beautifully illuminate your building. ​


Our goal is to provide you with the most honest and fair price
that you will find anywhere in the Orlando/Central Florida area
along with the most knowledgeable, professional electrical service.

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