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Security and Exterior Lighting


Security Lighting: In some cases security lighting on a home is a necessity depending on the crime rate or neighborhood break-ins. With a lower income level and higher unemployment, crime tends to rise. Crime is unfortunate, but by being prepared and having a deterrent such as exterior security lighting, using motion activated flood lights, your chances of a break-in are highly unlikely. Many businesses also utilize exterio- switched or motion -security lighting on areas such as back doors or dark parking lots where employees may be entering and leaving the place of business in the dark.

The cost of a flood light can range anywhere from as low as $20, to as high as $300. There are also many types of exterior flood lights that can have one or all options mentioned below.

Motion activated security lighting: Motion-activated exterior flood lights can be operated via a switch or multiple switches throughout the home or business to control power to the flood light. If power is applied to the fixture and any person or animal moves within the radius of the flood light it will activate and come on brightly.

Dusk to Dawn timed security lighting: This option is recommended if you intend on lighting the exterior perimeter or a portion of your home with a dim, low lit light. Most dusk to dawn exterior lighting has a setting to turn on the low lighting at dark and stay on for 2 hours, 5 hours, or all night. The times usually vary from fixture to fixture. With the switches on to the fixtures and when the light is dim most fixtures have motion activation that will trigger the light to go to the full brightness of the light. For security reasons you will find that criminals are much less likely to target a home that is lit all night but if they do they will find themselves in the brightly lit spotlight once they approach the home or business.

Motion-Activated Radius: All motion activated flood lights have a radius range built in from the factory. Some fixtures have a radius of 180 degrees and others have a range of as much as 270 degrees. It is advised to consult your electrician for proper design based on your specific needs.

Lamp brightness and ease of maintenance: The lamp that is used in exterior flood lighting can vary from halogen, LED, incandescent and a few others. LED lighting is by far the best route to go. LED lighting lasts longer than any other lamp style currently on the market with manufacturers warranties as far out as 20 years. Be sure to check the warranty information on any lighting product you purchase. Some forms of lighting such as halogen should be installed by a professional due to hazards of improper installation.

If designed properly your home can be protected on all sides from intrusion. If security is not the priority but the need of visibility at night for the kids playing in the backyard or the dog going on his late night potty stroll is your priority then maybe one or two exterior motion activated flood lights on the rear of the home is just what you need. The cost of installation is reasonable and is a task that In Phaze Electric completes more than once a week. Flood lights are one of our top 5 sellers in Central Florida.

Landscape/Accent Lighting: Landscape lighting and exterior accent lighting can be designed in such a way that you will see your home transformed overnight. There are numerous types of exterior landscape and accent lighting. Below is a list of the most common exterior lights.

Landscape Lighting: Landscape Lighting consists of beautifying the architectural landscaping around your home. Landscape lighting is meant to light up walkways, trees, flagpoles, shrubbery, driveways and so on. There are generally 2 types of landscape lighting on the market.

  • Low Voltage: Low-voltage landscape lighting does not mean less money on your electric bill. It is more for safety than anything. 120 volts is typically fed to a transformer that is rated for a certain amount of watts. The transformer reduces the voltage from 120 volts to 24 volts and typically the transformer houses a photocell which is activated and switches the lighting on when low sunlight is present. The price range of low voltage landscape lighting can range dramatically. It is advised to research the type of landscape lighting you desire prior to calling out an electrician to design the layout and installation.
  • High Voltage: High-voltage lighting is very similar in characteristics to low-voltage landscape lighting. Typically landscape lighting for a home is 120 volts and is operated by mechanical time clocks, photocells and/or switches or a combination of all. The advantage of high-voltage landscape lighting is the typical ease and lack of maintenance. We have found that 120 volt (high-voltage) landscape lighting systems last longer over time and are easier to maintain. Low-voltage lighting seems to be higher-maintenance and has more problems in the long run.

Coach Lights: Coach lights are the lights that are mounted next to garage doors or other entry doors around your home. In Phaze Electric has installed numerous coach lights in Central Florida. Some coach lights are now built with a Dusk-to Dawn motion activated device that will keep the fixture dimly lit at whatever setting you choose but will come on brightly no matter the setting, if motion is detected. These lights work particularly well on dark driveways and entry points to the home.

Security lighting: Security lighting was detailed at the top of the page.

Post lights: Post lights are typically installed in the front or back yard and consist of one pole and a light mounted on top of the pole and is usually switched from the front or back door. Installation of Post Lights can be tricky at times depending on the architecture of your home and the distance to the fixture. Keep in mind that no wire can be exposed so the wiring to the fixture will need to be directly buried using type UF wire or installed in conduit. Typical installations can range from $300 up to $800 depending on the circumstances.

Soffit Lighting: You do not see many homes with lighting in the soffit but it takes the exterior look of the home at night to a whole new level. Small lights are evenly spaced and installed typically on the front side of the home. All types of lamps can be installed, but once again LED lighting is highly recommended. These lights are typically switched from the front door area and are dimmable and can be installed using an interior in-wall timer.

As you can see there are numerous ways to light up the exterior of your home or business with accent lighting and landscape lighting. Our team of professionals is knowledgeable and equipped to design and install any type of exterior lighting that you have in mind. Also keep in mind that all of the lighting just described can be controlled right from a touch of your phone. Give us a call for a free estimate.

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