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Expert Troubleshooting

In Phaze Electric IncIt can take years to get good at electrical troubleshooting. In Phaze Electric takes pride in the electrical troubleshooting expertise we offer. Our team of managers and technicians are the best in the business. We’re able to quickly assess any situation, know exactly what to do, and present the most cost-efficient actions to resolve the problem.

Our electricians are experienced at troubleshooting electrical circuits. We approach them logically and systematically to determine exactly what’s wrong. 90% of the time our residential electrical troubleshooting experts can identify your problem, fix it, and be out the door in less than an hour, saving you time and money over competitors who may take much longer.

When we make a home electrical troubleshooting visit, if we find a serious electrical problem or hazard we’ll immediately bring it to your attention and provide a quote for electrical repairs.

We work hard to keep our costs low, so we can offer the best prices possible. Our price for a troubleshooting call is just $135. We encourage you to get other estimates. We’re confident we’ll be competitive, but if you get a lower quote, all we ask is for the opportunity to beat it.

We provide both residential electrical services and commercial electrical services in Orlando, FL and the surrounding area, so call In Phaze Electric, (407) 599-7777, for all your electrical needs.

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Our goal is to provide you with the most honest and fair price
that you will find anywhere in the Orlando/Central Florida area
along with the most knowledgeable, professional electrical service.

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