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Landscape Lighting

There are practical and aesthetic reasons for creating a landscape lighting design for your home or business. Exterior landscape lighting increases the security and safety of your property while providing additional curb appeal at night.

Having landscape lighting will increase the usability of your outdoor spaces and decrease the chances of trips and falls. It adds a welcoming touch for guests or clients who visit your home or office in the evening. Lighting also helps discourage crime.

There are many ways to install landscape lighting. Maybe you want to light up a sidewalk or walkway, a garden or the backyard, or maybe you want to highlight an architectural feature. In Phaze Electric Inc. can install landscape lighting to achieve your goals. Let us come out and give you some ideas and a quote. You may be surprised at just how inexpensive the project can be.


  • High-volt – 120 to 220 volt systems
  • Low volt – 12 volt systems
  • Solar- No voltage and absorbs sunlight throughout the day and lights at night

Orlando Landscape Lighting Installation

If you’re thinking of installing landscape lighting or upgrading your current system, there are many things to consider, and there are pros and cons to each types of system.

High-voltage systems like LED high volt systems are bright and best for large areas that need security lighting. They require fewer fixtures, have fewer electrical parts to malfunction, and no transformer is required because they draw power from your home or business’ electrical supply. Typically, they last longer than other systems. Because of the high power involved, all wires and connections must be installed to code. In some cases, permits may be needed.

Low-voltage systems, such as LED outdoor landscape lighting, uses less electricity so it can save you money as well as offering energy savings. LEDs are considered an eco-friendly landscaping choice because they’re free of toxic elements like mercury. The main advantage of low voltage lighting is that its low voltage allows the filament of the light bulb to be smaller, and this allows users to put lighting applications in smaller places. Note that you do need a transformer.

Solar landscape lighting is unique. Thanks to advances in solar landscape lighting technologies, harnessing the sun’s rays to illuminate your landscape is a viable option that requires no wires, transformers or timers. The solar landscape lighting absorbs sunlight all day and at night the lights burn till all the energy is used. This is typically an inexpensive option that’s can be great for accent lighting.

We’ll help you determine which is best for your situation. In addition to landscape lighting for aesthetics, we recommend motion security flood lights on each corner of your home since burglars are less likely to target a well-lit home.

In Phaze Electrical provides electrical service in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. Call us today (407) 599-7777 for your landscape lighting installation and see how it can light up your home or business and transform the way it looks at night.

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