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Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be installed in many different ways. Maybe you just want to light up a walkway or a garden or maybe just your backyard. In Phaze Electric Inc. can install landscape lighting to suit your needs. Do remember that we provide free estimates and that we thoroughly enjoy lighting up a customer’s home and bringing out the home’s true potential. We make many electrical service calls to homes when critical electrical service is needed but in today’s fast paced world we don’t have many opportunities to fulfill a customer’s wants. No one truthfully needs landscape lighting but many customers want it. Let us come out and give you some ideas and a quote you may be surprised at just how inexpensive the project can be.


  • High-volt – 120 to 220 volt systems
  • Low volt – 12 volt systems
  • Solar- No voltage and absorbs sunlight throughout the day and lights at night

In Phaze Electric Inc

High-voltage systems are in my opinion the best and more durable systems. You can go with LED high volt systems if you choose but the cost will be higher with LED. High-voltage systems have less electrical parts to malfunction such as transformers and the equipment is typically better. We typically see double the life span of high voltage than any other systems. They simply seem to last longer.

Low-voltage systems have come a long way in recent years and in some cases can be comparable in quality of especially the fixtures. It is the 120 volt to 12 volt transformers that we most often see needing to be replaced. When water penetrates the system and a short to ground exists it is the transformer that takes the fall. On a high-voltage system the Ground Fault Circuit receptacle usually trips to avoid in shock hazards or damage to bulbs. The timers usually come installed with the transformers so now you have no lighting and a relatively high maintenance cost to repair. We see numerous do-it-yourself landscape kits that are beyond repair within 5 years and the cost to repair is more than what you originally pay for the kit.

Solar landscape lighting is unique and can be purposeful and able to fill your needs. The pros to solar landscape lighting are that you can purchase the lighting and install it yourself. There are no wires or transformers or timers. The solar landscape lighting absorbs sunlight all day and at night the lights burn till all the energy is used. These lights are typically not that expensive but do know that they do not emit much lighting. They are great for accent lighting.

One should also note that burglars are far less likely to target a well-lit home at night. At a minimum we recommend motion security flood lights on each corner of your home.

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