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When constructing and completing an addition or build-out to your home or business, having a knowledgeable and qualified electrician is important. When adding on to your home, or building out your office or business, calculations are needed to verify the proper size electrical service for the existing and additional square footage. Our team is fully able to make calculations and if need be provide electrical blueprints to submit for permitting.

Adding on is also a good time to take a great opportunity in making modifications to your existing electrical system, such as replacing or upgrading lighting fixtures to more energy-efficient LED lighting. Replace switches and receptacles or add hard wired smoke detectors. You might also want to add fans or outlets when adding on a screened enclosure. Doing additional upgrades while doing an addition or build-out is more cost-efficient. We are already there with the material doing a larger job that may require us to go through the attic or under the house, so as now we are already right there, then the cost is much less than if done on its own as a service call.

In Phaze Electric Inc. has completed numerous home or office additions and build-outs. We welcome out-of-town general contractors. In Phaze Electric Inc. values honesty and integrity and you can be sure we will be fair and honest. Many home additions or commercial build-outs are contracted directly by the owner. We are well able to assist in the scheduling of trades and other issues that may arise while completing the addition or build out. We know well that some owners may have never attempted to undertake a construction project. A piece of advice: However long you think it will take, double it. However much you think it will cost, double it.

When you are ready to get your addition or office build out underway give us a call. Please remember that we provide free in-person estimates.

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